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Book Reviews


The Bodyguard

Author: Katherine Center

Okay, I’ll admit it: My reading preference is non-fiction. But there are certain fiction writers whose new releases I watch for, and Katherine Center is one of them. Like my other favorites, I can count on her for well-developed characters, realistic dialogue, and well-researched underlying themes (in The Bodyguard, executive protection and acting). You don’t care about themes? Then read The Bodyguard because it’s a light-hearted rom-com with characters you’ll love. Keep ’em coming, Katherine!


Just Pursuit: A Black Prosecutor’s Fight for Fairness

Author: Laura Coates

Laura Coates’ brilliant and heartfelt essays fully capture the frustrations and fulfillment of her time as a federal prosecutor for the Department of Justice. Fascinating and thought-provoking for the lay reader, her words should also be shared in ethics, pre-law, and criminal justice courses and in law school classes



Author: Peter Rock

Style and unfolding story are like bread crumbs leading you into evolving mystery. Engaging characters peak interest and curiosity. It feels right as one makes peace with death of a loved one. A point of view that perks the mind


The Many Daughters of Afing Moy

Author: Jamie Ford

A grand redemptive encounter! Offering the wrenching, cumulative experiences of several generations of one woman’s life. Her quest to find a way to save her daughter from the exacerbating traumas. Thought provoking, unsettling and satisfying

On Animals 

Author: Susan Orlean

On Sale: 10/12/2021

With subjects ranging from taxidermy and mule auctions or animal actors and the hunt for a carjacked dog, this essay collection is typical Orlean: well-researched, humorous, and touching. A great pick for animal-lovers, regardless of which animals they love.

The Heron’s Cry

Author: Ann Cleeves

On Sale: 09/07/2021

Detective Matthew Venn is intelligent, principled, and thoughtful. In this second book of the Two Rivers series, we find him facing office politics, family issues, and an apparent suicide that in fact is the first death in what becomes the work of a serial killer. Readers drawn to Louise Penny’s Armand Gamache will be adding Matthew Venn to their list of favorite characters

Welcome to the Pine Away Motel and Cabins

Author: Katarina Bivald

This is a love story in every possible way: of a father for his recently-deceased daughter (whose ghost serves as narrator); of a young man for his high school sweetheart and for his career that took him away from her; of four friends and the run-down motel that brought them together as teens and again now in their 30s; and of residents for their small Oregon town, where many feel that life is changing too quickly, especially as their tolerance for people “not like us” is concerned. Both touching and humorous, and not at all what I’d expected from the blurb on the back cover.

the elephant girl

The Elephant Girl

Author: James Patterson and Ellen Bando-Aaku

On Sale: July 2022

Wondrous, magical, edge of seat story. In line with the universal quest of young to find a place and acceptance. Interesting, informing and affirming!

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